Clean Room & Equipment Validation

Clean rooms & equipment of certain ISO classifications are established, maintained & operated for process, product & operators’ safety. These are relevant to specific process applications so that compliance with their intended performances are validated & Thermolab Testing does exactly that under performance qualification & periodic validation through conducting following tests;

Air Flow Pattern Test

Air Velocity Test

Particle count test for clean room

  • Air Velocity Test
  • HEPA Filter System Leak Test
  • Particle Count Test
  • Recovery Test for Particle Count
  • Flow Pattern Test etc

Thermolab testing’s scope of services in this stream has been designed to obtain reliable results traceable to National / International Standards.

Services offered by Thermolab Testing:

Thermolab Testing comprehensively tests & validates clean rooms & equipment during qualification & periodic re-validation & ensure compliance with the requirements of applicable standards like ISO 14644 & EN 12469 etc. & the specific process application.

Thermolab Testing performs Clean Room & Equipment Testing for a wide range of equipment & rooms mentioned here under;


  • Vertical & Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit
  • Microbiological Safety Cabinet
  • Isolator
  • Dynamic Pass Box etc.  


Classified area from ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8 as per the requirement of pharmaceutical industries.

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